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Lack of sleep is damaging for our emotions and physical well-being. Minimal sleep undermines our body’s ability to deal with stress. Cheating sleep boosts insulin levels, which increases the risk of heart disease.

~ Be the Change

Healthy, Happy & Radiant...at Any Age — NEW

Healthy, Happy & Radiant...at Any Age — NEW

Healthy, Happy & Radiant...at Any Age

Length & Design Specs: — 68 pages, full-color photographs

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In this life-changing book, you will find the tools you need to walk away from the darkness of doubt and confusion, and into the light of vibrant health and peaceful living. I present a workable scenario for living the integrated life of spirit, mind, and body. In the pages of this book, you will discover a living example of the ancient wisdom, contemporary science, and twenty-first century vision that I teach worldwide in my workshops, seminar, and keynote addresses. This book touches on all of my core teachings and explores the many facets that comprise living our best lives.

To listen to a radio interview with talk show host Nick Lawrence, where we discuss many subjects in this book Healthy, Happy & Radiant... at Any Age, please click HERE.

In the Superfood Cornucopia & Recipes chapter, you'll marvel at all of nature's most nutrient-rich foods to add to your diet and how each benefits the body, and the delicious recipes that are included you will want to make part of your regular diet.

If you would like to learn more about me — how I got started in holistic health, my passions, and my secrets to healing your body, looking younger, and bringing your highest vision to fruition — then this is the perfect book for you. 

To view a Sampler of this book, click here.

In Healthy, Happy, Radiant...At Any Age, you will learn how to . . .

  • Make superfood recipes healthier (includes some recipes)
  • Identify when stress is getting the best of you
  • Deal with daily stresses with ease and grace
  • Balance and integrate body, mind, and spirit
  • Choose the best foods, herbs and spices to heal your body
  • Look younger with meditation, sleep, and raw foods
  • Create healthy meals and snacks in only a few minutes
  • Supercharge your energy and increase your endurance
  • Protect yourself from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and many cancers
  • Raise healthy children with high self-esteem
  • Stay motivated to exercise and accelerate fat loss
  • Release bad habits easily and effortlessly
  • Use gratitude to transform your life and create miracles
  • Understand the healing power of solitude, silence, and Nature
  • Become fearless and enthusiastic about your life
  • Build your goal-seeking muscles and live your dreams
  •  Find your purpose and passion
  • Use humor and laughter to awaken your highest potential
  • Reignite self-esteem and strengthen your intuition
  • Connect with your angelic helpers and Higher Power
  • Make balance, peace, and joy your constant companions
  • And more!

You can choose between 5 different formats when purchasing this book:

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Invest in Yourself with Exercise is also available in a beautiful, deluxe "SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION" printed book format with a scored hinge along the spine and gloss lamination on the pages and cover that makes this an impressive gift for you and your loved ones, which will be delivered to the address of your choice.

Each copy of the SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION book will be personally autographed by yours truly (Susan) to you or to any of your friends or family members, and each book comes with a beautiful notecard to you from me and lovely ribbon bookmark. Just give me the name(s) for each personal autograph.

The cost for this SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION autographed book is $50.00 for each book. This includes Shipping & Handling, if the address is within the USA. Add an additional $15, if the book needs to be sent outside the USA, anywhere else in the world.

Send the name of the book along with your payment (Cashier's Check or Money Orders ONLY in US Funds—always available at your bank) to: Health Unlimited, P.O. Box 49215, Los Angeles, CA 90049, attn. Book Manager. All books are sent with loving gratitude and best wishes to you and the other recipients on your list. Remember, the gift of health is the best gift you can give yourself and others.

Book Review for Healthy, Happy & Radiant . . . at Any Age

In the routine of everyday life, it can be easy to feel stuck. We may cycle between fad diets but never reach our weight goals, shove our greatest hopes and dreams to the back of the closet, and ignore our nagging health concerns. Sometimes we just need a jumpstart and loving, supportive advice from someone who really cares and knows how to get us back on the right track.

For over three decades, Susan Smith Jones has been one of the world’s leading experts in high-level wellness and personal growth. In addition to her motivational interviews on TV and radio, as a holistic lifestyle coach, she has been helping discerning clients worldwide to get "unstuck," create vibrant health, and live their best lives. While Susan shines in front of audiences large and small at her seminars, workshops, and retreats, one of her greatest strengths is connecting with individuals one-on-one. The intimacy of coaching allows Susan to devote quality time and attention to the specific needs of each client and to design a tailored plan to help each individual reach his or her goals.

Through this bookook, you have your own personal holistic lifestyle coach in Susan. You have all of her tools and sage advice to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary. She has put decades of invaluable information and research into this reader-friendly, beautifully designed book. Working on all levels -- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual -- Susan teaches you how to incorporate all of her gold-star secrets to being vibrantly healthy and outstandingly successful.

So if you feel stuck in your life or like you’re in a “spin-cycle” lifestyle; if you feel that you’ve lost some of your joy in living; if you want to learn how to celebrate yourself and life and live with gusto; if your want to experience a level of self-esteem you only dreamed of; if you want to shed some pounds, glow with health, disease-proof your body, or perhaps receive some gentle, loving, efficacious guidance to live in a more meaningful way… then Healthy, Happy & Radiant . . . at Any Age is your godsend!

Invite Susan into your life through this book, and as you savor each page, you will discover how to reinvent your life, blossom into your highest potential, and create the life you desire and deserve.

~ Anita Finley, Radio Talk Show Host & Publisher of Boomer Times

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