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How Hydrogen Quells Autoimmune Diseases

How Hydrogen Quells Autoimmune Diseases

Advancing Health & Human Potential with Molecular Hydrogen

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Info on the NEW Vital Reaction MINI PORTABLE Inhaler + how H2 helps Neurodegeneration, Oxidative Stress & Inflammation

To read one of my many articles on Molecular Hydrogen and how it supports easier weight loss, autoimmune diseases, improved digestion, lowered blood pressure, more youthful skin, increased energy, faster exercise recovery, brain health, allergy relief and much more, click HERE

H2 has over 1,400 peer-reviewed studies and is efficacious on 170 human diseases. To get FREE Shipping and a 10% discount on the Inhaler & Tablets, use the code SUSAN10.

To order now, or ask questions, please call Vital Reaction in Boulder, CO: (720) 464-5733. They are the leading experts on Molecular Hydrogen. I use the 7% Inhaler and Tablets daily and wouldn't be without them.They are always front and center in my healthy living program.

Using the H2 Tablets & Inhaler

It is not an overestimate to say that hydrogen’s impact on therapeutic and preventative medicine could be enormous in the future.
~ Free Radical Research 2010

Vital Reaction, a sister company to High Tech Health International in Boulder, CO, is renowned as the world's leader in molecular hydrogen products.
Their effervescent Tablets and Inhaler are front and center in my healthy living program and I highly recommend them for you, your family (100% safe all ages—from babies to seniors), and your pets, too. Their tablets produce the highest H2 in tablet form; they are free from antibiotics, sweeteners, colors, and preservatives.

For more detailed info on the H2 Tablets and Inhaler and how they support easy weight loss, normalized blood pressure, healthy digestion, radiant and youthful skin, increased energy and more, click HERE.

The Inhaler and Tablets are all natural, non-habit forming, no risk of overdose, no prescription needed, and have no side effects. It is that miraculous!

For comprehensive information on molecular hydrogen, a free health consultation, to ask questions, or to purchase their health-enhancing Inhaler or Tablets (use the code SUSAN10 to get a 10% discount and FREE shipping), call:

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How Molecular Hydrogen Quells Autoimmune Diseases

Rheumatoid Arthritis: A War on the Body 

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) "is a long-term, progressive, and disabling autoimmune disease. It causes inflammation, swelling, and pain in and around the joints and other body organs. RA usually affects the hands and feet first, but it can occur in any joint. It usually involves the same joints on both sides of the body."(1)

RA can be a scary diagnosis, which will surely provoke a bevy of questions concerning the prognosis for the future. Regardless of the recommended treatment plan, molecular hydrogen can be a valuable, therapeutic addition to any regimen.
Because hydrogen mitigates free radical damage - specifically the vile hydroxyl radical that contributes most to RA - and hydrates at the cellular level, it aids in reducing inflammation, which also helps to reduce pain.(2) A 2013 study states, "it has been shown that hydrogen is useful when administered along with the conventional therapy in RA as it acts to reduce oxidative stress in the patients."(3) Overall, hydrogen's therapeutic benefits result in relief.
If you or someone you know is an RA sufferer, molecular hydrogen could a game-changer.

Psoriasis: Itchy Business
Psoriasis can leave its victims hiding their itchy, painful, inflamed skin and missing out on fun with friends and loved ones. Why is psoriasis so painful and unsightly?
The Mayo Clinic describes psoriasis as follows, "Psoriasis is a common skin condition that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. It causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin. The extra skin cells form scales and red patches that are itchy and sometimes painful. Psoriasis is a chronic disease that often comes and goes. The main goal of treatment is to stop the skin cells from growing so quickly."(4)
Is psoriasis caused by free radicals? Yes! Studies show that psoriasis is directly related to increased amounts of oxidative stress caused by free radicals.(5) These nasty little free radicals wreak havoc on cells creating the inflammation, pain, itching, and swelling that psoriasis is best known for, and they cause the unsightly redness that patients struggle to conceal.
Hydrogen to the rescue!
A Japanese scientific study in 2015 examined three different cases of patients suffering with psoriasis. Each were giving hydrogen therapy administered in three different ways: hydrogen topical treatment, hydrogen-rich water, and inhaled hydrogen gas. Each method showed significant improvement for patients with regard to inflammation, itching, and pain.(6)
If you're suffering from an autoimmune disease, please keep reading.

Multiple Sclerosis: Nerve Attack
MS is a painful, degenerative, autoimmune disease that can effect the entire body. But, what is it exactly?
MS is "a chronic illness involving your central nervous system. The immune system attacks myelin, which is the protective layer around nerve fibers. This causes inflammation and scar tissue, or lesions. This can make it hard for your brain to send signals to the rest of your body."(7) 
Peroxynitrite, one of the two most harmful free radicals, plays a significant role in the pathogenesis and severity of MS, and higher amounts of peroxynitrite are detectable during MS relapses.(8) We also know that higher levels of free radicals contribute to higher levels of systemic inflammation, and studies are showing inflammation as a major component of the pain associated with MS.(9)
Luckily, researchers are discovering the incredible anti-inflammatory effects of hydrogen on many autoimmune diseases. Not only does hydrogen dramatically reduce inflammation, it also mitigates the free radical, peroxynitrite. This helps in decreasing the frequency and severity of MS relapses. 

ImageMolecular Hydrogen: An Amazing Therapeutic Agent

By greatly reducing the damage of oxidative stress, molecular hydrogen acts as a therapeutic agent in many ways, but the biggest benefit is the manner in which it aids in maintaining homeostasis or, any self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival.(10)

These are just a few autoimmune diseases most common to the masses, and molecular hydrogen offers proven therapeutic benefit to each one. Autoimmune disease sufferers MUST give hydrogen therapy a try before relegating themselves to a life of pain, inflammation, and degeneration. Hydrogen will not inhibit a current treatment plan and may even aid that plan in being more effective.
If you're suffering, please think about trying Vital Reaction's Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler and Tablets today. With a 30-day, money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Are you ready for your transformation? 

See the Benefits for Yourself TODAY

 Improve cognitive function
 Reduce oxidative stress levels
 Reduce inflammation
 Promote cellular health
 Increase energy
 Have better skin health and tone
 Improve sleeping patterns
 Enhance athletic performance + decrease recovery time
 Support healthy weight management
 Hydrate at the cellular level
 Prevent hangovers

The Inhaler and Tablets deliver molecular hydrogen to essentially every organ of the human body and both deliver therapeutic effects, as mentioned above, in 170+ human disease models.
These two efficacious products provide anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anti-allergy and antioxidant benefits. Moreover, Molecular Hydrogen is the most superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ever identified.
H2 Tablets & Inhaler are...
> All natural
> Non-habit-forming
> No risk of overdose
> No prescription needed
> No negative side effects
> Great for the entire family
(babies to the elderly and even
our furry friends like cats and dogs)

>It is that miraculous!

Vital Reaction® Tablets

These tablets are a superior supplement for adding the benefits of high-dose molecular hydrogen to any non-carbonated beverage. They are, without a doubt, the highest quality H2 supplements in the wellness industry. No other H2 products come close to the quality, purity, safety, and potency of the Vital Reaction Tablets and Inhaler.
Within minutes, the Vital Reaction Tablet reacts and saturates any non-carbonated beverage with millions of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles, producing a powerful cloud of H2 that rapidly diffuses into membranes, tissues and organs at the subcellular level.
Superior Quality & Efficacy
 Fastest time to effervesce
 Produces highest H2 ppm in tablet form
 Most convenient and portable for everyday use
 100% natural
 Exclusive Vital Reaction Hydrogen Matrix
 3rd party testing for purity and safety
 Free from antibiotics, sweeteners, colors, preservatives
 Safe, no pressure needed to effervesce
 Safely used in open container, no sealed bottle or pressure required
 Simple to carry with you everywhere you go

Drink the cloud for the most powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anti-allergy and anti-apoptotic effects!
Their superior technology allows hydrogen effervescent magnesium to react without added  pressure and produce a therapeutic range of molecular hydrogen in less than three minutes. With zero toxic by-products, the tablets can be consumed 1-4 times a day and are safe for all ages. The Vital Reaction Tablets are safely used in an open container and do not require dangerous sealed glass or pressure.
Personally, I take two tablets each day and when I'm under extra stress or I want more brain power, endurance during workouts, faster recovery afterwords, and even extra willpower to avoid too many carbs and calories, I'll take four daily at separate times. I always drink this miraculous cloud of H2water or juice immediately after the effervescence as stopped on an empty stomach. And within minutes, I can feel a positive difference in many ways, including my mood is brighter and more buoyant.Image

Vital Reaction
® Inhaler
The Vital Reaction Inhaler produces tasteless, odorless and non-toxic hydrogen gas in a safe concentration for inhalation by electrolyzing distilled water. The Inhaler generates hydrogen mixed gas, not exceeding 7%. (All levels over 10% are explosive).
Weighing in at only 6.6 pounds, with 10 cannulas included, the dimensions of the unit are 11"h, 10"w x 6.7"d. So you can see how portable this unit is to take with you from room to room or to different locations. I take it with me often in the car to use when I'm staying at a hotel or going to friends' homes.
Simply add distilled water to the top of the unit and add cool temperature tap water to the cooling chamber to the right of the unit. A nasal cannula is connected to the top of the cooling chamber and worn by the patient/person receiving H2 therapy. Therapy time can be set to count up or count down for the desired duration.
Product Use
Inhalation of H2 reaches a peak plasma level (i.e. equilibrium based on Henry's Law) in 30 minutes and the elevated H2 concentrations are maintained for at least 60 minutes after inhalation. Studies show that inhalation of H2 is most effective for the blood, heart, muscle and brain due to molecular hydrogen's unique bio-available properties that allow it to penetrate the cell membrane, cross the blood-brain barriers and reach arterial blood.

Whether you are dealing with obesity, allergies, heart disease, cancer, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, immune dysfunction, or almost every other disease, there is a place for Molecular Hydrogen.
One Inhaler session is the equivalent of taking 65 tablets! That's how much more concentrated the Inhalers are and why they work so much better for anyone dealing with a chronic issue.
And even if you don't have any chronic diseases and you simply wish to stay healthy and foster even higher levels of vigor and robust well-being, and you wish to slow down the aging process, then the H2 Inhaler and Tablets are for you, too. This is why I use both the Inhaler daily (unless traveling by air) and always take the dissolved tablets each day and also carry them with me when traveling worldwide. I highly recommend the same for you, too, if you want to create youthful vitality at any age and whole-body wellness.
At less than 7 lbs, the Vital Reaction® Inhaler is portable and can be administered in any location, such as your home or office or transported with you on driving trips and used to hotel rooms, friends' homes and on road trips.


To get FREE Shipping and a 10% discount on the Inhaler & Tablets, use the code SUSAN10. To order now, or ask questions, call Vital-Reaction in Boulder, CO:
(720) 464-5733

PS: Their tablets come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee — so there's absolutely NO risk! I take them daily, along with using the 7% Inhaler and the MINI PORTABLE.
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